Mother giving birth to daughter to get award

Baitadi, Jan 10,2018: Dogadakedar Rural Municipality in Baitadi to provide allowance of Rs 1,000 to a mother giving birth to a baby girl.
Any expecting mother will get extra Rs 1,000 from the rural municipality after delivery provided that she gives birth to a daughter, rural municipality vice chair Parbati Karki said.
The Nepal government provides Rs 1,000 to a mother delivering a child in the health facility and additional Rs 400 provided that she underwent health checkups four times during the pregnancy period. But, the new mother of a baby girl bags additional allowance. Kakri believed that their decision guided by the principle of positive discrimination would help minimize sex/gender-based discrimination between girls and boys.
“Son’s preference is still prevalent in the society which valued male’s presence more significant than of female and our move is to change this notion,” she added.
Shreekot Health Post officiating chief Prem Bahadur Chand said that he was optimistic that the rural municipality’s move would obviously yield positive results contributing to the minimization of discriminations between girls and boys.
The Dogadakedar Rural Municipality is the first local level in Baitadi, the district in the Province no 7, to provide incentive to mothers of baby girls.

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