Need for a Review of Considerable Error 

12 March 2019

Some days before a surprise pact has been signed between the government of Nepal and Chandra Kant Raut (CK Raut), who is a campaigner of Alliance for Independent Madesh. The 11 points agreement was signed acknowledging Nepal as a sovereign country with federal structure of government, but has a significant flaw.

CK Raut was in prison and has been released on a general date for the very purpose. He was arrested for making secessionist remarks and had lost legal battles for his release at the district and high courts.

The deal is viewed to be an immature step of the Oli government, where a crooked person who is clearly seen to be a radical separatist is trusted to turn his vandalizing mindset to a unified nationalist.

The second point of the pact is ambiguous which is likely to create a threat for the government and a step of achievement to CK’s campaign. The point stats, ‘They will follow democratic means to address dissatisfactions of people, including those of Tarai-Madhes’, which seems to support his demand of referendum for free madesh. Standing on the ground of this point he is supposed to fortify his malevolent intention.

As a resist how can one change his mentality all of sudden? How does a crusader of a regionalism who polluted people’s feeling of oneness would transform from nowhere for the greater good? This makes it quite clear that the government has taken an unpopular decision without enough homework in this matter.

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