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Nepal congratulates CPC for historical achievements, feels fortunate to get China as neighbor

2 July 2021, Kathmandu

Nepali leaders along with general public, on Thursday, sent congratulatory messages to China and the Communist Party of China (CPC) on its 100th anniversary of founding.

The Nepali side hailed strong leadership of the CPC for remarkable achievements in economic and social development of China and appreciated the Chinese concept of building a global community of shared prosperity.

Earlier in May, during a phone conversation with President Xi Jinping, President Bidhya Bhandari had already congratulated the Communist Party of China on its 100th anniversary on behalf of the Nepali government and people. She had expressed her belief that under the leadership of the CPC, China will continue to achieve greater success on the road of peaceful development. 

On Thursday, Nepali political leaders issued statements or took to the social media platforms to express their warm greetings to China and the CPC.

Yogesh Bhattarai, CPN UML Leader

Today, on July 1st, Chinese Communist Party has completed its 100 years of establishment. Chinese Communist Party has been moving forward with the new experiment and experience to develop Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the country with the world’s largest population. On this occasion, I would like to congratulate Chinese Communist Party and Chinese people. I hope the Nepal-China relations, which is trouble free and connected by mountains and rivers and spread through art, culture and trade, will be more strengthened in the coming days.

Ananda Prasad Pokharel, Leader, CPN UML/Bagmati Provincial Committee Chairman

On the great occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, I am honored to congratulate the people of China, the Communist Party of China and President Xi Jinping.  The Communist Party of China was founded in 1921. Since then the CPC, in accordance with China’s reality, has been upholding the development of Marxism, averring its success as a scientific ideology to know and transform the world towards the process of human civilization. I would like to thank the leadership of CPC for all support we have been receiving post earthquake and during our fights against COVID-19 pandemic and in many areas.

CP Mainali, General Secretary, CPN(ML)    

I, on behalf of the CPN(ML) and on my own, congratulate the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China with General Secretary Comrade Xi Jinping remained at the core, for completing the glorious 100  years of the founding of CPC and achieving amazing successes in the last few decades in building socialism with Chinese characteristics. Although the present global situation is complex and challenging, I am optimistic and wish it may achieve its second Centenary goal in building socialism with Chinese characteristics splendidly and will play very positive role favouring multi-polarity, multi-lateralism, non-interference, peaceful development, equity, justice and peace in the global politics. I wish the Nepal- China relations will be objectively enhanced from the present level of strategic cooperation. Similarly, the business community, foreign affairs experts along with representatives of Nepal-China friendly organizations also sent the congratulatory messages.

Man Bahadur Tamang, President, Nepal China Kerung Business Association

We welcome all the accomplishments that China has achieved since its founding. Under the visionary leadership of its leaders, with the strong unity of the Communist Party of China and in spite of the numerous challenges on the internal and international levels, your stunning country has grown into one of the world’s most values partners, contributing to peace and stability as well as to global development. With its unparalleled development, in just 100 years, China has shown to the world the tenacity, work and commitment of leadership and people can create an economic power from an under developed country to a pioneer in infrastructure endeavors and a leader in the field of innovations, modern technology and space exploration. We are looking forward to the development of economic cooperation, especially project cooperation in the fields of infrastructure and energy, as well as new Chinese investments in Nepal.

Anoop Ranjan Bhattarai, President, Nepal China Executive Council

I would like to heartily congratulate the Communist Party of China on its 100th Anniversary. CPC has already achieved one of its “Two Centenary Goals”, establishing a moderately prosperous society by 2020 and will surely achieve the second goal of making China a great modern socialist nation by 2049. I would like to express best wishes to CPC in the path to fully achieve its “two Centenary Goals”.

Dinesh Khanal, Nepal-China Relation Expert

On the occasion of 100 years anniversary of founding Chinese Communist Party, I would like to congratulate China, all the party leaders of CPC, party members and Chinese people. In 100 years, Chinese Communist Party has worked fairy for the welfare of the country and it’s people. The modern socialism and it’s leadership has gain significant achievements and continues to achieve progress and development. The leadership of President Xi has shown his intimate connection with his people’s as well as his neighboring countries. We really feel proud to have neighboring country like China, who always supports us, and we all wish China for their great achievement and brighter future.

Similarly people from different walks of life also took to their social media platforms to send congratulations and greetings to China and the Chinese people. They hailed the contributions of CPC for China’s rise as the global economic power, and thanked China for its continuous support to the neighboring country Nepal. Besides, they shared that they look forward to see China making greater contributions to promoting world peace and development.

(With input from APD news)

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