Nepal govt, UN trade verbal barbs over human rights

5 June 2020, Kathmandu

The Nepal government has refuted the recent report of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on Nepal’s human rights situation saying that it is ‘baseless’.

Issuing a report on human rights situations on Wednesday, OHCHR said the human rights situation is deteriorating in Nepal.

In the report, it accused the Nepal government of filing cases against various individuals including journalists on charges of cybercrimes, constituting a violation of freedom of expression.

In response to the OHCHR’s report, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday clarified that the freedom of expression in Nepal is not in jeopardy and has been guaranteed by the Constitution, terming the UN report ‘baseless.’

“The Constitution of Nepal has guaranteed freedom of expression. It has also laid down a provision of judicial remedy if it is violated,” reads the press statement.

Meanwhile, it has urged the UN to collect the fact-based information before publishing a report.

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