No border dispute between Nepal and China: Foreign Minister Gyawali

29 June 2020, Kathmandu

Nepal government has made it clear that there is no border dispute with northern neighbor China.

Speaking at the meeting of the National Assembly held on Monday, Minister for Foreign Affairs Pradeep Gyawali refuted the media reports on border dispute with China in seven districts as baseless.

“I would like to clarify some misleading and some fake news about the Nepal-China border,” said Minister Gyawali, “The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock has clarified about this. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also clarified that there is no dispute on the border between Nepal and China.”

Minister Gyawali said that the pillar number zero could not be finalized as the trilateral border between Nepal, China and India has not been fixed yet.

However, Nepal and China differ on the actual height of Mount Everest, Foreign Minister Gyawali.

“There is no consensus on whether to consider the height of Mount Everest as a snowline or a rock. Based on the snowline, Nepal has considered 8,848 meters. China has finalized 8,844.83 meters based on rock, not snowline,” he said.

He added that a conclusion will be reached based on the agreement of both sides and the height will be announced soon.

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