North and South Korea talk credit goes to Trump, president Moon say’s

Seoul, Jan 11, 2018, abc News
South Korean President Moon Jae In credited President Donald Trump for playing a “big” role in facilitating Tuesday’s groundbreaking talks between South and North Korea in a press conference Wednesday.
“I extend my gratitude to President Trump,” said Moon, speaking to reporters at his New Year’s address.
High-level officials from North and South Korea agreed in an almost 12-hour set of talks on Tuesday to send a North Korean delegation of officials, athletes and cheerleaders to the Winter Olympics starting Feb. 9.
The countries also struck a deal to hold future military talks to ease tensions on the Korean Peninsula while agreeing to “resolve national matters” through dialogue between the two Koreas.
When asked by ABC News what would happen if he had to takes sides between his country’s strongest ally, the United States, and the South’s “brother country” North Korea, Moon said there is “no disagreement whatever between the U.S. and South Korea.”
“The ultimate goal is to find a diplomatic solution together and lure them [North Korea] out to talks through strong international sanctions and pressure,” Moon said.

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