NRA addresses all complaints of earthquake victims

2 June 2020, Kathmandu

The National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) has cleared all complaints including those registered by the earthquake affected persons requesting to be included in the list of beneficiaries and those collected from surveys carried out in various phases.

The NRA said it has settled total 634 thousand 973 complaints registered through all means and steps in its system.

With this, 106 thousand 465 people have been retained as beneficiaries for reconstruction and 67 thousand 681 people as beneficiaries for retrofitting, NRA’s assistant spokesman Manohar Ghimire said.

NRA had since July 17, 2017 started registering the complaints in the 14 districts the hardest hit by the 2015 Gorkha earthquake after complaints started coming that they have been left out from the list of beneficiaries determined by NRS in its initial survey.

The Authority stated that it maintained the beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries by assessing these complaints at the centre. NRA had conducted survey of 129 thousand 410 complaints.

An additional 102 thousand complaints were registered in the 18 earthquake affected districts through survey conducted in those districts later on.

Overall, the NRA conducted survey of a total 1 million 372 thousand 91 families. This includes the 866 thousand 60 families in the hardest-hit 14 districts and the 171 thousand 231 families in the 18 moderately-hit districts.

From the survey, NRA identified 726 thousand 738 families as beneficiaries for hose reconstruction and 19 thousand 866 families as beneficiaries for retrofitting.

NRA used the information management system in hearing the complaints.


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