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Paras Shah new looks, Do u like it?

Jan 31, 2018

Even three years of returning from Thailand, the former Crown Prince Paras Shah has not received a formal entry to Nirmal Niwas, the residence of the former royal family. But, he has been improving his relationship with his wife Himani and other family members. Media reports have said that the former Crown Prince has controlled his offensive behavior and uncontrolled eating habits and has been involved in meditations, nowadays.

The relationship between the former royal couple deteriorated due to the Thai girlfriend of the former Crown Prince. The former Crown Prince used to live in Thailand with his girlfriend. It has been reported that the relation between the two is not good nowadays. It has been reported that the relationship between the former royal couple is still not good.

The former Crown Prince visited the Pashupatinath Temple on Tuesday where he performed worships, according to media reports. Shah was seen in a different look during his visit to the temple.

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