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Paris in high risk of flood  increase amid persistent rains

PARIS, Jan. 26, 2018

Prolonged rainfall has increased risks of floods in many districts in France, including Paris where the Seine River continues rising and may reach a peak of 6 meters at the weekend, government-run agency districts Vigicrues said on Thursday.

“During the next few days, the ongoing floods will continue to spread, generating significant overflows on many rivers in the north and east of the country,” it said.

“The level of the Seine in Paris will keep rising until this weekend. A maximum level such as the one recorded during the flood of June 2016 is expected,” it added.

The Seine, which runs through French capital, rose to 5.5 meters during the day, and it could reach a peak of 6.2 meters by the weekend.

The expected water level is well below the record high of 8.6 meters reported in 1910 when thousands of Parisians had to flee flooded areas of the city.

In the French capital, the SNCF rail operator decided to close until Jan. 31 the regional train “RER C” that runs along the river and is used by tourists to visit the capital’s iconic monuments of the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame Cathedral.

As a precautionary measure, the Louvre Museum, which stands on the banks of the river, closed the lower level of the Department of Islamic Art to the public till Jan. 29.

French weather agency Meteo France maintained an orange alert till Friday morning in 16 departments in the north and eastern France, where the risk of floods remains high.

In 2016, floods in Paris and central French cities left four dead and 24 injured.


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