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People facing problem for lack of banks in rural municipality

Dadeldhura, Feb 12

Service-seekers coming to the various rural municipalities for official works are facing difficulties as these local bodies do not have banks.

Banks have not yet established their branches nor started services at all the rural municipalities of the district. The district has five rural municipalities and a municipality.

No banks at the rural municipalities mean the service-seekers have to go to the district headquarters for any works entailing financial transactions, which is costly for them.

“We have to go to the district headquarters for even to encash cheques of small amounts, spending much more for travel and accommodation from own pockets,” rued one Lokraj Bhatta of Bhageshwar rural municipality.

Kaushila Kumari Bhatta, the chairperson of the Bhageshwar rural municipality, said that not only the service-seekers, they too have been facing difficulties as they have to frequently go to the district headquarters for exchanging cheques for cash due to the black of a bank at the rural municipalities.

Like Bhageshwar rural municipality, Ajayameru rural municipality, Nawadurga rural municipality, Aalitalrural rural municipality and Ganyapdhura rural municipality are also facing the same problem.


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