People of Gulmi district used solar power to bring water from rivers to villages

Gulmi, Jan 14, 2018
The people of Jimi and Naram in Gulmi district now no longer have to travel long distances to collect drinking water as water from a source near the river has been pumped up and supplied in the settlements using solar power.
Besides availing of the drinking water facility, the locals of the two villages have also started earning money by irrigating their vegetable crop with this water.
More than 163 families at Naram of Chhatrakot rural municipality and Jimi of Gulmi Durbar rural municipality have benefitted from this facility.
The drinking water project has been constructed with the financial support of Renewable World and the technical assistance of IDE and SAPROS Nepal. The local Nawa Prabhat Youth Association had carried out social mobilisation for the construction of the project.
Ten thousand litres of water from the Bahunkhola river at Birbas is pumped up to a height of 61 metres daily and supplied to 14 households at Jimi and 16 thousand litres of water to 71 households at another settlement in the same area.
Similarly, 30 thousand 530 litres of water from Chanautikhola river at Hardineta is pumped up a height of 207 metres daily to be supplied to 78 households and a school, according to Ganga Prasad Acharya, the Regional Project Officer of the Renewable World.

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