PM Oli assures timely mid-term elections

27 January 2021, Kathmandu

Prime Minister KP Oli has alleged some “elements and political leaders” for challenging the independent judiciary by stock piling misinformation and disinformation against the court.

Speaking at a program in the capital Wednesday, Prime Minister Oli said some political parties and leaders for trying to influence the independent judiciary to fulfill their vested interests.

PM Oli also reiterated that the general elections will be held on the stipulated dates.

“There is no need to interfere the court’s proceedings,” he said adding, “It is high time that all political parties prepared themselves for the general elections.”

He also urged the dissident faction of the party to return to the mainstream NCP to avoid “being discarded” by the people.

“There is still some time, come back to the party or else you will be wiped out in the elections,” PM Oli told the leaders of the dissident Prachanda-Nepal faction.

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