PM Oli directs to prepare for polls

25 January 2021, Dang

Prime Minister KP Oli has said that mid-term elections will be held on the scheduled dates and directed leaders and cadres to get involved in preparations.

Addressing an assembly organized by Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Oli faction on Monday, the Prime Minister claimed that polls will be held on announced dates of April 30 and May 10.

“You should start preparing for the election. Some people have been claiming that government will not hold polls. Let them say whatsoever, you start preparing for elections. We will succeed,” said Oli directing leaders and cadres of his faction.

He said that elections would be held on the scheduled dates and urged the security personnel and staff to start preparations for a fair election.

Referring to the Prachanda-Nepal faction, Oli said that some two-four ‘useless’ people leaving the party will not weaken the communist movement.

Saying that they were involved in splitting the party, the Prime Minister said that people will punish them.

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