PM Oli doesn’t budge an inch, reiterates he won’t quit both posts

5 December 2020, Kathmandu

Prime Minister and Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Chairman KP Oli has reiterated that he will not quit as Prime Minister and party Chairman any time soon.

During a Secretariat meeting held on Saturday, Prime Minister Oli clarified that he will not resign as Chairman before General Convention and Prime Minister before a parliamentary election.

“There is no justification for the meeting if I am being removed from the post of party Chairman before the General Convention and PM before the general election,” said a Secretariat member quoting the Prime Minister, “I will not give up either of these positions. ”

He said that tomorrow’s Standing Committee meeting should be adjourned due to a lack of concrete proposal, agenda, and preparation.

However, other Secretariat members said that all the proposals submitted to the Secretariat should be discussed.

“There is no proposal. There is no preparation. It has not been decided what to do in the agreement,” the member said quoting Oli.

The leader said that the Standing Committee meeting scheduled on Sunday will not be stopped even though it has not been decided whether Prime Minister Oli will attend it or not.

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