PM Oli in a mood to split party thru ordinance if no majority in parliamentary party

19 November 2020, Kathmandu

The intra-party row of the ruling Nepal Communist Party has thawed a little after Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli agreed to present a political dossier to address the dispute.

Prime Minister Oli, who is also the chairman of the NCP, will present his political dossier in the Secretariat Committee meeting slated for November 28.

A Secretariat Committee meeting held on Wednesday paved the way for discussing the two separate political dossiers presented by  Oli and NCP Executive Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal in the Secretariat, Standing Committee meeting and Central Committee and that the issues would be resolved through the majority.

Earlier, no decisions had been taken through majority.

“From now onwards the decision would be taken either through agreement or on the basis of majority. This is the party system,” said senior leader Jhala Nath Khanal.

Oli and Dahal-Nepal factions are making preparations to present their views in the Secretariat meeting after 10 days.

Prime Minister Oli is in a mood to dissolve parliament saying that he did not get support from within the party despite public’s mandate he received.

However, he is aware that his step would be constitutional. Sources claim that President Bidhya Bhandari also advised to opt for alternative ways since parliament dissolution would be unconstitutional.

Oli still can play his roles by garnering majority in the parliamentary party.

He is now exercising to garner majority in the parliamentary party by taking the lawmakers of former CPN (Maoist Center) and those loyal to Madhav Nepal into his confidence.

Oli who has bought 10 days’ time to prepare his political dossier, will first try to garner majority in the parliamentary party.

If this plan fails, he will go for an ordinance to split the party, which is the second and last option in his hand, said sources.

Oli is making preparations to hold meetings with the leaders and cadres of his faction in all the 77 districts to this effect.

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