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PM Oli suggest five tips to build a healthy Nepal

25 May 2020, Kathmandu

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has suggested people five activities to help build a healthy Nepal.

In an address to the nation today, the Prime Minister said the government had also taken up ‘Building a healthy Nepal’ as the major health policy of the country.

The five tips suggested by the Prime Minister include to i) have a healthy and balanced diet, ii) use the free time during lockdown to do home-based physical exercise for increasing physical and respiratory efficiency, iii) maintain personal hygiene as well as sanitation of the surrounding, iv) take sufficient rest to remain healthy, and v) maintain high morale, as fear, terror, anxiety and doubts will weaken the fight against diseases.

Pointing out the need to accept the fact that the Corona Virus pandemic may not easily fade away, Prime Minister Oli said, as the experts suggest, the only way to control the pandemic is to remain alert of our personal and food habits.

The only measures available against this virus so far are to maintain social distance and increase one’s immunity.

He also said that some items used in the Nepali kitchen are of medicinal value, brought into use by our ancestors thousands of years ago.

These are also contributing to boosting our immunity. “We can save ourselves if we keep our personal and food habits in the right place, and we can defeat Corona. So, let’s think positively,” he said.

The government has adopted a policy to run preventive measures by promoting a nature-friendly health lifestyle and enhancing the immunity of Nepalis to fight diseases.

Likewise, the government is also committed to using both the preventive and curative measures in post-COVID-19 Nepal health services.

Lauding the Nepali people’s high morale and extraordinary immunity, the Prime Minister expressed the confidence that we would defeat the pandemic with high morale and immunity boosted by the various measures taken by the government to combat COVID-19 in the country.

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