PM Oli urges people to exercise caution during Dashain festival celebrations

24 October 2020, Kathmandu

With the rising number of COVID-19 cases, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has urged people to exercise caution while celebrate the Dashain festival and go in for small private celebrations to avoid the further spread of the infection.

“We need to be conscious about the risk of possible virus-transmission while receiving tika and jamara from elders and seniors of a family whose health condition is weak.

Since the possibility of infection is higher in senior citizens, children and individuals with weak health, I would like to request you all to remain cautious about this while celebrating Dashain,” Prime Minister Oli said.

Oli further mentioned that the infection rate in the country has reached the highest point and Kathmandu valley was epicenter of infection and also claimed that the government has been focused on controlling the contagion.

“On the eve of Dashain, the infection rate is at its highest now. The Kathmandu valley has been an epicentre of the infection.

It may take still a while to slow down the speed of the spread. So, the Government has focused all its efforts on prevention and control of the virus as well as on the treatment of those who are infected,” Oli said.

Furthermore, PM Oli claimed that proper management would be made for testing and treatment of all citizens infected by COVID-19 and promised vaccine to be accessible to all Nepali people.

“Protecting citizens during any disaster is the unconditional responsibility of the Government. Now the Government’s first job and supreme duty during the pandemic is to protect the life of the people.

The Government elected by your vote will not abstain from fulfilling this responsibility under any pretext. I request all sisters and brothers to rest reassured that the Government will make proper arrangements for testing and treatment of all citizens infected by COVID-19,” he added.

“Not only in tracing, testing and treatment, the Government will also remain active in making the vaccine against the disease easily accessible to all Nepali people,” PM Oli said .

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