PM Oli warns of imminent crisis; instructs ministers to focus on work

5 November 2020, Kathmandu

In a tone of warning, Prime Minister KP Oli today instructed cabinet ministers to remain “extremely cautious” saying the country could face an “imminent crisis”.

In a cabinet meeting on Thursday, Prime Minister Oli instructed the cabinet ministers to remain determined to face any crisis as “the government is under siege both from inside and outside” the party.

Prime Minister Oli, who looked “worried”, indicated that some leaders within the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) were hell-bent on failing the government.

“There are elements from within and outside the party constantly conspiring to make the government fail,” a minister quoted PM Oli as telling the cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

PM Oli also said that problems that have arisen in recent times can even have an adverse impact on the party and the country.

He, however, instructed the ministers to focus on their work without running behind rumors.

It should be noted that PM Oli had on Wednesday categorically said that he would not resign at any cost.

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