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Police making odd-even system more effective

29 September 2020, Kathmandu

Traffic Police has tightened the screw when it comes to ensuring the odd-even system of vehicular operation in Kathmandu.

Earlier, ending the prohibitory order that confined most of the vehicles to their homes, the Chief District Officers of Kathmandu Valley had decided to enforce odd-even system of vehicles in the Valley so that the coronavirus transmission would not hike uncontrollably.

Despite the fact that the rule was enforced since September 10, many vehicles were noticed not abiding by the rule.

Citing that the traffic jam has increased with the vehicles’ coming to the street, the traffic monitoring authority, Traffic Police has made the monitoring whether the vehicles have abided by the ‘odd-even’ regulations.

Accordingly, the vehicles which do not abide by the directions, are kept in hold for certain duration. The vehicles thus kept in the hold are released after 8 PM.

According to the data provided by Traffic Police, more than 800 vehicles have faced punishment by 12 pm.

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