Friday, September 17th, 2021

Police nab two passengers with 4 kg gold at Nepalgunj airport

3 September 2021, Nepalgunj

Police have recovered four kg of gold from two passengers who went to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu via Shree Air.

According to Banke Police Chief Shyam Krishna Adhikari, police arrested Buddhi Man Khati (Morang) and Amir Laguma Bishwakarma (Jhapa) with gold from Nepalgunj airport.

Police said that the gold was recovered on the basis of a tip-off that they had hidden it in their shoes.

The recovered gold contained six biscuits and a tilahari (a special golden necklace the married women wear). The arrested have claimed that they bought gold and have receipt.

According to the investigation officials, the Nepalgunj checkpoint has been used for smuggling gold to India recently.

The Police have handed them over to the revenue office, Nepalgunj.

The police are investigating further for details.

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