Prachanda’s question to Oli: Did India ask you to dissolve HoR?

13 January 2020, Kathmandu

Chairman of the Nepal Communist Party (Prachanda-Nepal faction) Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda” has said people have now understood that Prime Minister KP Oli dissolved the House of Representatives at the behest of India.

“Now that it has been clear that PM Oli dissolved the House acting in favor of India,” Prachanda said while addressing the Kathmandu district level gathering of his faction in Kathmandu on Wednesday.

“They (India) recited a mantra to PM Oli,” he said amid applaud adding that people have seen and understood what India has done to split the party and dissolve the parliament.

“Do you agree Mr. Oli?” he queried. “By saying so, I am not trying to drag India into controversy, but I am trying to bring the facts out to the people about PM Oli,” he said adding “We have not forgotten how PM Oli talked with a special envoy from India.”

Prachanda also said the recent interview of the Prime Minister aired on the Indian channel Zee News was a drama.

“Look at how things are moving ahead. Isn’t it ridiculous to hear that the Indian media wants to change the name of Mt Everest?” he queried.

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