Preparations begin for Chhath festival in Mithila

7 November 2021, Dhanusha

Preparations have begun for the Chhath festival in the Mithila region. The people of Tarai-Madhesh are busy purchasing the articles and preparing for this cultural festival with the conclusion of the Deepawali festival.

As a result, the main market places and bazaars in the entire Tarai-Madhes including Janakpurdham are agog with shoppers. People can be seen buying articles required for the rituals of the Chhath festival and fruits.

The Chhath festival formally begins from the fourth day from the day of Laxmi Puja of the Tihar festival. Chhath festival is associated with the worship of the sun god and the goddess Chhathi Mata.

Fruits like apple, banana, orange, coconut, sugarcane, green peas, radish, and ginger plants and ‘Pani Singada’ are especially required for the Chhath puja rituals. Clay and bamboo-made wares which are also needed are purchased.

People are also clearing and cleaning the ponds and river banks for building special spots for performing the Chhath rituals. The local FM radio stations have started playing the Chhath songs.

Holy ponds like Ganga Sagar, Dhanush Sagar, Agni Kunda, Angarajsar, Dashrath Talau etc in Janakpur are being decorated in preparation for the festival.

Offerings are made to the sun god and Chhathi Mata during the festival. Special cookies are prepared for offering to the deities. This festival is observed wishing for the good health, happiness and prosperity of the family and community.

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