President Bhandari extends best wishes on Udhauli and Tamu Lhosar

30 December 2020, Kathmandu

President Bidya Devi Bhandari has extended best wishes to all Nepali brothers and sisters on the occasion of the great festival of Kirant community, Udhauli.

Stating that festivals are also an opportunity for get together with family and friends, President Bhandari said they also make an important contribution to maintaining family, community and social solidarity.

Furthermore, festivals like these promote mutual goodwill, tolerance and fraternity among people of various geography, culture, ethnicity and languages in the country.

The Udhauli festival that is observed with an interaction with the natural seasonal cycle inspires us all to make sustainable use of natural resources and achieve economic prosperity with social justice, the President has said.

On the occasion of the Udhauli festival, the Rai, Limbu, Sunuwar and Yakhkha people within the Kirant community offer the newly harvested grain to their forefathers while ascending to plain areas from high altitude areas and also offer worship to the land wishing for good yields.

Likewise, the Kirant women and men perform ‘Sakela dance’ en masse under the open sky.

On the festive occasion of Lhosar, President Bhandari has extended her best wishes to all brothers and sisters including Tamu community people at home and abroad for their peace, prosperity and progress.

The President has expressed her confidence that the festivals such as Lhosar would enhance mutual good will, harmony and fraternity among the entire Nepali people in a multi-ethnic, multilingual and multi-cultural society.

She also hoped that the festival would further consolidate the national unity.

In the message, she has urged all to celebrate the festivals by adopting health safety measures in this difficult situation created due to COVID-19.

Expressing belief that this festival would encourage all Nepalis to head towards the path of achieving economic prosperity along with social justice, President Bhandari has wished for the continued progress and prosperity of all.

The Gurung community is celebrating Tamu Lhosar festival today with special joy welcoming the New Year.

On the occasion, Gurung community celebrate the festival by inviting relatives and friends for delicious food as well as enjoy the festival performing different types of dances like Ghatu, Sorathi, Chudka and Kauda.

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