President Bhandari receives Dashain tika

26 October 2020, Kathmandu

President Bidya Devi Bhandari today received Dashain ‘tika’ and ‘jamara’ from Guru Khem Chandra Dhakal at the auspicious hour, 10:19 am, at the Office of President in Sheetal Niwas, Kathmandu, on the occasion of Bijaya Dashami.

President Bhandari received tika, jamara and blessings from her mother Mithila Pandey, said President’s personal Joint-Secretary Shiva Bhattarai.

On the occasion, President Bhandari offered tika, jamara and blessings to daughters- Usha Kiran and Nisha Kusum- and son-in-laws-Umesh Thapa and Avishekh Yadav- as well as her two granddaughters and ADCs.

The Head of the State has decided not to offer tika to the general public on this day this year due to the risk of COVID-19.

‘Tika’ is the mixture, in the paste form, of curd, rice grains and red vermillion powder and ‘jamara’ are the newly-sprouted shoots of maize or barley.

The family elders put tika on the forehead of and give jamara to the juniors on the occasion of Bijaya Dashami as the blessings. The jamara and tika are considered auspicious and the blessings of the goddess Nawa Durga.

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