Provincial Assembly members bring into relief pressing issues

Biratnagar, April 26

The provincial assembly members of Province no 1 on Wednesday drew the attention of the provincial government towards the need to set up an immigration office, control the breach of riverbanks, declaration of tourism sectors and public holidays on the major festivals of the indigenous nationalities.

The PA members stressed on the need for immediately building up embankments along the Bakraha, Lohandra and Chisang rivers in Morang which has been a nuisance with persistent flooding that enters human settlements and arable land.

They also pressed for the provision of public holidays during the festivals of Udhauli, Ubhauli, Lhosar among other festivals celebrated by the indigenous nationalities.

The members also called for declaring the Salute and Labekuti hills of Paanchthar as tourism areas and conservation of the land in those designated areas.

The PA members also appealed to the government for transferring the rural electrification office – currently located at province no 2 and serving the residents of four hilly districts of the Sagarmatha zone in Province no 1 – to Province no 1 so as to facilitate the people of those four districts.

Krishna Kumar Rai, Bishnu Tumbahamfe, Asharatna Jabegu, Sabitra Kumari Regmi, Ram Bahadur Magar, Kalpana Sardar, Kul Prasad Sawan and Mohan Kumar Khadka were among the members putting forth the demands.

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