Provincial Assembly members critical of provincial government’s slow pace

Mahendranagar (Dhanusa), April 26

The bills on provision entitling facilities for the officials and members of the local level and on province’s public verification procedure were presented during the provincial assembly of Province no 2 on Wednesday.

Minister for Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperative Shailendra Yadav presented the bills during the assembly session.

Most of the PA members who spoke during the session were critical of the provincial government for not taking any substantive undertakings two months after its formation.

PA member Shiva Chandra Chaudhary pointed out towards the delay and subpar work related to the railway and six-lane road construction in the province due to lack of monitoring on part of the authorities. He called for the immediate formation of a monitoring committee to monitor the under construction works.

PA member Prahlad Giri expressed his dissatisfaction over the government’s working style and said the province looked as if without a guardian.

He also drew the attention of the government over the supply of logs – produced from swathes of forest areas being cleared for construction of the Nijgadh international airport – to Kathmandu. He was of the view that the logs and timber should remain in the province.

On the occasion, Anita Yadav commended the ‘Save Daughter, Educate Daughter’ campaign while arguing that the campaign would not succeed without ending the dowry system.

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