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RDT test essential for entering Kathmandu Valley

14 May 2020, Kathmandu

The government has made Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) mandatory for all who enters the Capital.

A meeting of the National Security Committee held at the Home Ministry on Thursday decided to conduct a mandatory RDT test for those entering Kathmandu from all checkpoints.

The government has decided to tighten entry to the Capital from outside districts and test those who enter for urgent work.

Ward Offices of Kathmandu have already started issuing prohibition notices so as to prevent the out-flown tenants to come back with the transmission cases when they return to their rented rooms or flats.

The tenants who left Kathmandu in haste to save themselves from coronavirus pandemic are flocking back to Kathmandu after the government decided to resume the industries and offices in the Valley.

However, the precautionary initiatives of getting them coronavirus tested prior to entertaining their shelters have put many of them into difficulties.

Many wards offices have decided to make at least 8-day quarantine and RDT result in negative mandatory before letting the tenants rejoin their shelters.

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