Reinstatement of HoR would lead to instability: PM Oli

22 February 2021, Kanchanpur

Prime Minister KP Oli has said that his political career will not end even if the dissolved House of Representatives (HoR) was restored.

Addressing a program in Kanchanpur on Monday, Prime Minister Oli said that his politics would not end even if the court gives its verdict in favor of the reinstatement of the HoR.

PM Oli also dismissed reports that he threatened or intimidated the court to decide in his favor.

“The HoR has been dissolved. The country has already headed toward elections,” he said, adding, “However, our politics can’t be done anyway.”

Referring to his address in Biratnagar on Saturday, PM Oli clarified that his point of launching a movement was not aimed at organizing rallies against anyone.

“I intended to say that we would launch a nation-building movement — a movement to strengthen democracy.”

Reiterating that he has not intimidated the court, PM Oli said, “We do not believe in piling pressure in court. I don’t need to threaten anyone. We are in favor of an independent judiciary, and separation of power.”

Prime Minister Oli also warned that the reinstatement of the parliament would lead to instability in the country and the recurrence of the same crisis.

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