RUWON Nepal commence Leadership development for gender equality training

Rural Women’s Network Nepal (RUWON) has started leadership development for gender equality training in Bal Uddar school Kathmandu on Friday. The training which is supported by the Rafto foundation and Intersectional Feminist Collective has completed the training with the first group today.

The participants were the students studying in grade 11 and 12 in the Bal Uddar School, kapan, kathmandu. The training program was moderated by the trainer Dhurba Prasad Ghimire, Bimala Gurung, Saurav Gautam and Goma Devi Bastola.

During the training, participants were provided with a booklet on the leadership development for gender equality encompassing various other subject matters. On the first day of the program, participants also shared their experience and story relating to sexual violence and exploitation.

Among the topic included in the booklet, participants performed individually on the topic of their choice and they also performed in the group in the next session on the topic provided to them. At the end session of the training, participants again performed individually and in group as well. They thanked to the program organizer for the training which helped the participants to face the mass performing in certain topic.

The training program will be continued with the next three groups till Friday.

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