Senior singer and musician Prem Dhoj Pradhan passes away

6 May 2021, Kathmandu

Senior singer Prem Dhoj Pradhan has passed away on Thursday. He was 85.

He was hospitalized after he complained of chest pain and fever. He was admitted to Neuro Hospital in Bansbari.

A PCR test was conducted on him following the suspicion of COVID-19 infection but his report came out negative.

Pradhan had been battling health problems for a long time. He was admitted to the hospital after his condition worsened.

Pradhan has recorded more than 700 songs. Singers of classic and famous songs like ‘Ghumtima Naau Hai’, ‘Par Laijau Phoolharu’, “Goreto yo gaun ko’ he was active in music since childhood. He has immensely contributed to Nepali music.

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