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Shuklaphanta National Park 58 species of 3,641 birds counted

Kanchanpur, Jan 12, 2018
A total of 3,641 water birds of 58 species have been recorded in the Shuklaphanta National Park in Kanchanpur district.
The counting of birds was conducted through a direct observation method and with the help of binoculars, according to Park conservation officer Gopal Bahadur Ghimire.
The records show that numbers of water birds in the Shuklaphanta is on the rise every year as it has wetland areas and offers appropriate and safe habitats and food for them.
Water birds migrated from the north pole including Siberia in winter to avoid cold arrive wetland areas, ponds and lakes and riverbanks here. Some of them fly to India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka via this route.
Movements of water birds have been significantly increased in Rani Pond, Salgaudi Pond, Kalikich Pond and Tara Pond areas these days. The sighting of migratory birds begins here since mid-October.
They remain until March-April and fly back to home following breeding. People involved in the counting said that proper management of natural ponds and construction of artificial ponds has attracted water birds in the recent years. Birds of 30-150 species have been found in a single pond during the pond.

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