So much, benefit of green leafy vegetable for health


Kathmandu, Jan 5, 2018:  According to research taking continues of green leafy vegetable is too much better for healthy life. there are so much  benefits of taking vegetables. Some  tips of benefit are given below.

(1) They  eye health due to present of vitamin A and it reduce the risk of night blindness

(2)They boost bone strength. Green vegetables are source of calcium which support the bones, keeping them dense and healthy.

(3)They prevent cancer. Regular consumption of vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cabbage help to fight against cancer of stomach, color, skin and breast.

(4)They improve metabolism.

(5)They increase conception.

(6)Dark green vegetable contain vitamin b, which help overall function of brain.

(7)They are energy boosters.

Scientist advise all people to take green leafy vegetables as possible.

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