Solukhumbu: REED Nepal’s One Lakh Seventy-five Thousand for Local Level Crisis Management Fund

REED Nepal, an organisation working actively on education sector in Himalayan district Solukhumbu has provided an amount of one hundred and seventy-five thousand rupees to local level crisis management fund.

“REED donated the amount for the children of poor families who are in trouble due to the nationwide lockdown provision declared by federal government – considering the potential risk of global pandemic covid-19 (Coronavirus)”, informed the Educational Development Coordinator of REED, Mr. Keshav Giri to Paribartan Khabar.

REED made the one hundred and seventy-five thousand amounts available to each of the seven level per twenty-five thousand namely Solududhkunda municipality, ThulungDudhkoshi rural municipality, Necha Salyan rural municipality, Mapya Dudhkoshi rural municipality, Sotang rural municipality, Mahakulung rural municipality, and Likhupike rural municipality.

The organisation has also requested local levels for distributing relief to the poor family with the donated amount.

REED was in Solukhumbu since the past
REED Nepal has been conducting many activities for upgrading the educational standards since the past.

The activities range from providing various training to teachers and parent management committee to child club formation and mobilization, educational material distribution, schools’ building (re)construction, teacher support, and providing scholarship to technical stream’s agricultural crop science students on annual basis.

Similarly, it has been providing scholarship to 500 children of ultra-poor family. Besides, it has been conducting day-meal feeding program for the students at four community schools.

Currently, REED Nepal has been working in 100 schools of Solukhumbu district and doing many practices with an aim to make 11 of them as model schools. Also, it has implemented early grade reading program (EGRP) in fourteen schools.

Likewise, it has aimed at implementing the same EGRP program in additional fourteen schools from this educational session (2077). It has been providing such support with the financial aid of Australian Himalayan Foundation.

Learning by Radio in the Pandemic
Besides, considering the existing schools’closure condition, it has also been conducting classes for the students of grades 1 to 8 through its ‘leaning by radio’ program. The program is being broadcasted by Himal and Solu F.M. of Solukhumbu district.

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