The best thing you can give to your children is time…

26 August 2019, Kathmandu

Children’s are the adorable gift of nature as young human being. They are below the age of puberty or below the legal age of majority. The notion of child’s innocence refers to children’s simplicity, their lack of knowledge, and their purity not yet spoiled by mundane affairs. Such innocence is taken as the promise of a renewal of the world by the children. In today world, people are becoming busier making them entirely involved in the household and official chores. Due to this, they are lacking spending enough time with their kids. However, spending quality time with children is essential for their healthy growth and development. Children may suffer from behavioral disorders if their parents do not spend enough of time with them. There may be many harmful effects of not spending quality time with children.

It is of utmost importance for each parent to understand their parenting and nurturing their kids providing space for them. It does not really matter on how much money parents has spent on their children’s but what matter the most is the space and care they have provided to their kids. When a parent spends quality time with their kids, they get an opportunity to be more familiar establishing a strong bond. In addition to this, it is not good to constantly interrogate the children’s asking unnecessary queries.  But, each parent should be very much aware of spending quality time by identifying behavioral problems and other insecurities their kids are facing. Lack of communication may lead to erosion of family values such as empathy, shared hobbies, love and accommodation. It may result into the broken relationships in the family.

A child’s psychology is much more complex than it seems. When parents are absent from home, children have no other outlet of expressing their feelings about their day. They might get seriously hurt when their mother pushes them aside complaining of a busy day. Such children may not feel important and loved by their parents anymore and suffer from insecurity, lack of trust and an unstable self-esteem. Along with this, they might find themselves ignored all the time that ultimately leads to lack of socialization and poor result in an academic discourse.  Not providing enough time to kids also makes them to get busy with electronic gadgets all the time which has been seen as the worldwide problem nowadays.

The growing and unusual dependence on the social media is harmful for the kids. Children who are often deprived of proper attention from their parents are more inclined towards virtual media and other forms of entertainment as a form of escapism from their loneliness. Such kids may spend their days on phones on end without any other form of physical or mental development. This may lead to lack of empathy, the ability to make small and limited talk and listen and severe isolation.  Though such effects may not be visible immediately, certain ways of coping up with loneliness and depression may turn out to be harmful for the child including aggression, theft and bullying to vent out their feelings. Thus, spending quality time with kids is always the right decision. For it, parents must have a daily “connect” time with their child. They must create a special bond naturally telling their kids how much they love them. With this, one must reinforce positive behavior and let the kids choosing freely to conduct what makes them happy.

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