The most expensive diamond of world ‘Kohinoor’

Agency,Jan 6, 2018 : The most expensive diamond in the world is none other than the Kohinoor diamond, an incredible gem of exquisite beauty. ‘Kohinoor’ means ‘Mountain of Light’ in Persian and weighs in at 105 carats with a weight of 21.6 grams.  It was once famous for its unmatched size worldwide and is considered top-notch as far as precious stones go. It is said that the owner of the diamond is the owner of the world.

Rumored to be discovered in Golconda, India sometime in the 1400s, it changed hands of various kings and rulers for centuries, which waged wars in order to possess this diamond. When the British conquered East India, it became part of the British Crown Jewels, and even today, the British Royal Family claims ownership of this priceless diamond.

India always say, it is their property and it should back to their country from UK.

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