Those defaming the party are now in the streets: PM Oli

13 February 2021, Butwal

Prime Minister and Chairman of the Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Oli faction KP Oli has accused that those defaming the party are now in the streets.

The Prime Minister said so while addressing a mass assembly in Butwal on Saturday.

“Now the party is moving forward with a common ideology, in a disciplined manner and with the determination to build the country,” PM Oli said, “Now, we are not in a state of despair. Only those who are defaming the party and those who do not want the prosperity of the country left the party. They are now playing drums in the streets.”

PM Oli was referring to the NCP Prachanda-Nepal faction that has taken to the streets against the dissolution of the House of Representatives (HoR).

He said that he started the campaign of unity and unification at a time when the movement was divided in the country and no party was able to function.

PM Oli said that this situation was due to those who made ‘wrong attempts’ to strengthen the faction.

Prime Minister Oli said an attempt of overthrowing the government was made within the party.

He further accused the Prachanda-Nepal faction of trying to overthrow the government ‘while it moving forward on the path of social change, prosperity and good governance.’

The Prime Minister claimed that his party will get five million votes under the proportional representational system in the mid-term polls slated for April and May.

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