Weight Loss Diet Tips To Follow In Lockdown

July 1 2020, Kathmandu

In the wake of COVID-19 global pandemic, the Government of Nepal has enforced nationwide lockdown to stem the outbreak till 24th March 2020. The pandemic has led to be self-quarantined staying indoors and practicing self-isolation. Almost every country across the world is battling to break the chain of infection much sooner and restore normalcy.

Despite social and physical distancing measures, the pandemic has spread to almost all countries globally disrupting many regular aspects of life including physical activity. This has forced everyone to face unprecedented repercussions relating to healthy life.

The lockdown has imposed to gain excessive weight resulting into poor lifestyle. It is because over-eating and consuming processed and unbalanced food has also become a norm during this time. Thus, instead becoming the couch potatoes, one must follow healthy tips to maintain their weight.

Here, we have listed 11 weight-loss diet tips one can follow during the lockdown.

Try to cut back on salt: Excess intake of salt is linked to water retention or weight; therefore, it is best to take only the required amount.

Try to have most meals before 7-8 p.m. : If you eat most of your food hours before you sleep, your body can digest it better. Good digestion is key for healthy weight-management.

Try to stick to a balanced dietMake sure you include all essential macronutrients and micronutrients in your diet. Good carbs, good fats and good quality protein are crucial to keep us healthy and fortified. Do not eliminate a nutrient from your diet without understanding its impact.

Try to cut down on refined carbs and sugary goods: It is important to distinguish between good quality carbs from bad. Refined goods like white breads, refined cereals pasta and sugary goods like cookies, doughnuts and cakes are not the kind of carbs that will help you lose weight. Include more whole wheat products and foods with complex carbs and fibre. Complex carbs do not get digested too soon and help keep cravings at bay.

Stay hydrated: At times your body intermixes signals of thirst and hunger. Drinking plenty of water helps you keep away from unhealthy snacking, and is good for digestion, healthy kidneys and skin. If plain water bores you, you can try herbal tea and infused water as well.

Include as many seasonal fruits and vegetables possible: Make it a habit to have at least 2-3 fruits every day. Seasonal fruits come with a range of healthy antioxidants. Most of these fruits and vegetables are also enriched with fibre that promotes weight loss.

Don’t forget the nuts and seedsNuts and seeds are a treasure of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Almonds, walnuts, flaxseeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds – are particularly very beneficial for weight loss.

Divide large meals in small meals: It is a good idea to split your large meals into multiple small meals, this helps you watch calories and is also good for metabolism.

Cut back of processed food, ready to eat mixes, tinned cans: All these foods are mostly filled with fats that do no good to your body. It is also a good idea to avoid trans-fats from junk food and fast food.

Have a hearty breakfast: In addition to refueling you, breakfast keeps you full till lunch, which prevents you from noshing too much during afternoon and grabbing an oily snack in between. A good breakfast may also do wonders for your metabolism.

Start your day with honey, lemon and water: It supposedly helps rejuvenate you, rid your body of toxins and revs up your metabolism.

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