Why is US threatening peace in Asia?

The conflict of the South China Sea is not a new subject matter to Asia and the world. For several years, it has been under debate, particularly accusations and counter-accusations between the global superpowers the US and China.

In recent times, several countries of the world have been making efforts to keep a tab over the rise of China. Amid such, it is obvious that their efforts are leading towards threats to the South China Sea.

In October first week, an American Connecticut Attack Submarine hit an unidentified object in the South China Sea. To be noted, Connecticut is one of three Sea Wolf-class attack nuclear boats. These boats were used for deep-water operations to take on Soviet submarines in the past, which are now upgraded and being used to carry out navy missions.

The presence of a US Navy submarine in the South China Sea represents aggression towards Beijing.

Following the incident, the US Pacific Fleet informed that the USS Connecticut remained in a “safe and stable condition”, while it only provided a few details of the incident. It concluded that the nuclear Submarine hit an unknown seamount while diving in the South China Sea.

It is a fact that the US submarines had been through collision accidents even in the past due to operational or technical errors.

There are many concerns and curiosity regarding the unknown object. However, the US has not responded to the concerns and doubts of the international community with its unprofessional and opaque investigation results. It has not yet disclosed information about the collision, as many claims, “Covering up the truth is a tradition of the US military.”

Immediately after the incident, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian urged the US to take a responsible attitude and provide details with a satisfactory explanation. However, the US remained silent towards the issue with no accountability towards the international community.

It’s not a new phenomenon though. The world has been badly hit hard by the pandemic, and there are concerns about the origin of COVID-19.  Initially, it was the US, who dubbed the virus as Wuhan Virus for a long time, and later came up with lies and misinformation and politicized the issue creating some sort of negative narrative against China.

In May 2021, U.S. President Joe Biden gave American intelligence agencies 90 days deadline to explore the origin of the virus. The intention was clear that the US wanted to harm the image of China, many experts claimed. The world kept a closer eye and keen interest on the issue, but the report had nothing specific. It demonstrates how the US shapes false narratives and disseminates untrue and unreliable information to the world.

Regarding the latest incident, many experts are of the view that the US is escalating full-scale war in the Asian continent.  

Surendra Raj Gosai, the central committee member of the Nepal Workers and Peasants Party, is of the view that the countries should always stand together against war.

“The US is conspiring to impose war in Asia. But I am confident that the peace-loving people will not let it happen. The US is continuing war-provoking activities especially in the South China Sea for a very long time. We are against it and condemn it,” Gosai shared.

He further stated that “the US must stop at a jiffy, if not it will be responsible for every harm caused and it will be itself who will have to suffer. Gosai, who is also the Bagmati Province Assembly Member, remarked, “The US should better learn a lesson from the past defeat in the land of Asia and China.”

Regarding the silence of the US over the recent accident, experts are of the view that “it is linked to the previous flaunt of US presence in the South China Sea, which “reinforces the possibility that the USS Connecticut made an embarrassing stupid mistake in the South China Sea that they do not want to talk about,” a report stated.

The world has turned into a global village today. However, it should be a well-accepted fact that there will be differences in world view among the countries. China and the US might have different views, but the difference should not lead towards the threat to world peace and prosperity.

The international law or regulation doesn’t allow any country to invoke or initiate warship by challenging others’ sovereign claims. Thus, the US should understand that it has no right to confront China on this particular issue. In addition, the US has not ratified the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. 

Despite several efforts, experts are of the view that the US policy to instigate Vietnam and the Philippines to confront China has already failed. Thus, it should stop enforcing hegemony over Asia with an ill intention of countering China. 

Day by day, China is becoming stronger and rising above all the circumstances and being more capable of fighting against the strategic suppressions of the west. It has developed the right approach and attitude to handle the issues. But what the US needs to understand is that China cannot withstand the threats towards world peace and development.

China is clear that it will not resist the hegemony or bullying of the US or the west in the South China Sea. But now, it’s time for the US to be clear, reflect on the past mistakes and reshape the outlook. The US should not be a threat to peace in the South China Sea.

The accusations and provocations will only spark rasping between China and the US, which could leave a negative impact on the whole of Asia and the international community. Thus, it is time to establish a new equilibrium between the two countries. The world’s maritime border should be enriched with harmony, rather than chaos or confrontation.

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