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Worldwide death toll of Nepalis from coronavirus reaches 117

24 May 2020, Kathmandu

A total of 117 Nepalis have died from the COVID-19 across the globe so far.

According to the data provided by Health Committee under the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA), 21 more Nepalis died of the pandemic last week.

A total of nine Nepalis have died in UAE, five in Saudi Arabia, two in the UK, two in Nepal, one each in the USA, Qatar and Kuwait last week.

A total of 65 Nepalis have died in the UK, 18 in the UAE, 16 in the USA, seven in Saudi Arabia, three in Nepal and one each in Qatar, Ireland, Japan, Turkey, the Netherlands, Bahrain, Sweden and Kuwait due to coronavirus so far.

The health committee has stated that 95 men and 19 women have succumbed to coronavirus. The highest death toll was 53 percent in the 50-90 age group and 23 percent are in the age group of 40 to 50 years.

The number of Nepalis dying in the under 40 age group is 16 percent. The age group of the remaining eight percent has not been revealed.

According to coordinator Dr. Sapkota, 12,821 Nepalis around the world have been infected with the coronavirus.

As per the record, 6,911 Nepalis in Qatar, 1,600 Nepalis in the USA, 1,230 in the UK, 1,364 in Saudi Arabia, 584 in Nepal, 500 in the UAE, 311 in Bahrain, 200 in the UAE and 84 in Kuwait have been infected.

Likewise, 55 in Malaysia, 42 in Portugal, 22 in Ireland, 13 in Spain, 18 in Canada, 12 in Australia, 16 in the Maldives, 10 in Japan, six in Belgium, five in Switzerland, four each in Germany and Finland, three each in Cyprus and New Zealand, two each in Malta, Hong Kong and Poland one each in France, Myanmar and Romania have been infected.

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