Xuemo showcases works at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Writer Xuemo debuted at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2019, engaging in live discussions with German Sinologist Gu Bin.

Three years later, Xuemo returned to the 75th Frankfurt Book Fair, showcasing his works and hosting the book launch event for the German version of “Desert Hunters.”

Amid ongoing global crises such as war, plague, and various disasters, international emergencies and climate change became the focal topics of the 75th Frankfurt Book Fair.

Xuemo’s works, with their rustic and profound background of rural China, the vibrant and mysterious culture of western China, and unique reflections and explorations of topics concerning nature, society, human nature, soul, life, and eternity, have garnered broad attention from international publishers, translators, and overseas readers.

International publishers and translators showed great interest in Xuemo’s creative works and the Chinese Western cultural elements during the communication and exchange at the book fair. Some publishers and translators actively requested to translate and publish Xuemo’s results.

As Juergen Boos, president and CEO of the book fair, stated, after the epidemic, there is an excellent need for face-to-face communication and interaction, which is precisely the value of his event.

During the subsequent public open days, overseas readers stopped by to listen to enthusiastic recommendations from volunteers. Over 300 copies of Xuemo’s works and cultural creative products were quickly sold out.

During the 2022 Frankfurt Book Fair, Xuemo ranked first on the international media’s hot topic list, surpassing Spain, the Guest of Honor country at the fair.

In June 2023, Claudia Kaiser, vice president of the Frankfurt Book Fair, conducted research and investigation at Xuemo’s booth during the Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF).

On Oct 19, 2023, the book launch event for the German version of “Hunting Origin” was held on the “International Stage” of the Frankfurt Book Fair.

“Desert Hunters” is Xuemo’s latest masterpiece, following “Desert Rites,” it revolves around transforming a well in the desert, depicting the shocking conflicts between humans and nature, and among people themselves, in the land of western China.

The story directly addresses human nature, with the underlying meaning that we are all prey on the hunting ground of the soul, and only by changing our hearts can we become winners.

During the event, Kaiser showed great interest in the desert imagery and the relationship between the desert and women’s survival depicted in Xuemo’s works.

Xuemo stated, “In my novels, the desert is a symbol, a metaphor. When people become indifferent and devoid of love, our living environment becomes even more barren than the desert…In adversity, redemption lies within ourselves, rather than mythical saviors or kings.”

A German translator, Carina, shared her experiences translating Xuemo’s works. By analyzing the story of “Foxes,” Carina focused on the spiritual transformation of the two female protagonists, Ying’er and Lanlan.

Despite long-term hardships, the constraints of poverty, and the exchange of spouses, their marriages and destinies underwent twists and turns.

Yet, they both demonstrated resistance to their futures. In the vast desert, they faced numerous challenges and successfully escaped, showcasing the resilience and independence of women.

German Sinologist Martina Hasse engaged in in-depth discussions with Xuemo during the book fair. When asked if real-life experiences inspired the stories in his works, Xuemo candidly admitted that many of the character roles and plotlines were drawn from actual events and that some descriptive details were even based on his own experiences.

“I have experienced what they have experienced; I have faced what they have faced; I have overcome what they have overcome.” During the event, Hasse asked Xuemo to share his five stages of literary cultivation: training in concentration, transcending oneself, unity of heaven and man, practicing love, and upgrading wisdom.

In the face of the increasingly cold and turbulent world plagued by the pandemic, Xuemo believes that literature should return to its traditional core of spirituality, nourishing the human soul and bringing a refreshing, tolerant, peaceful, and boundless love to society.

In recent years, Xuemo’s works have followed China International Publishing Group in participating in book fairs around the world. This year marks the 50th time China International Publishing Group has participated in the Frankfurt Book Fair, and the China National Publications Import & Export Corporation (CNPIEC) has highlighted Snow Desert’s works in their promotional videos and on the CISCO World platform.

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