Youths will not have to graze goats in the Middle East: Minister Bista

Gulmi, April 19

Minister for Labour and Employment, Gokarna Bista, said the government wants to move forward with a new approach to achieve ‘prosperity with social justice’.

Speaking at a programme held in Musikot municipality of Gulmi on Wednesday, Minister Bista elaborated on the government’s plan to formulate new policies and programmes for development of agriculture, education, health and employment.

“The people’s lives do not change just because a person has become a minister,” he said, adding “It is necessary to start a campaign to change lifestyle with a new touch and change lives.”

He also added that preparations will be made for a new base for the prosperity of the poor people, Dalit and families coming from the backward communities.

The Minister noted that the incumbent government comes with a historic onus on its hand and would take any steps to fulfil the responsibility for building Nepal as a proud, strong and prosperous nation in the world map.

Youths will not have to graze goats in the Middle East

The Minister also spoke of creating enough employment opportunities in the country. “The youths will not have to graze goats in the Arab nations now,” Minister Bista argued and added further, “We will employ the youths in our own country by creating thousands of employment opportunities in the villages.”

Will not renege on the promise

Minister Bista made it clear that he will not be reneging on his election campaign promises. “We may be different on political fronts but that is not a big issue,” the Minister insisted and added, “The big issue is to raise the living standard of people living in the villages.”

Keep people’s work on top of your head, forget the party

Minister Bista also instructed the representatives from Gulmi to work so that people remember it in their hearts even after five years. Complaining about the lack of pace in the work undertaken by the people’s representatives who have shouldered the people’s hopes and problems, Minister Bista urged them to keep people’s work ahead of the party.

He pointed out that Nepal’s constitution is among those constitutions in practice in the world that delegates authorities to the local level.

Unity soon

Minister Bista, who is also the central secretary of CPN (UML), said the two largest leftist parties will soon be one. The Minister also inaugurated the Lumbini Bami Hospital at Bamitaksar of Musikot municipality – 7 on Wednesday.

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