A film that tells you to love your parents

Jan 28, 2018

Human nature is such that when we get something new, we tend to ignore the old. This is the premise that the team of the upcoming Kannada film, Gowdru Cycle, is looking at exploring. Directed by newbie Prashanth, the film stars Shashikanth and Bimbashri (of Rama Rama Re fame) in the lead.

“As the title suggests, the theme surrounds a bicycle, which actually is a central character in the tale. The plot works on the premise that once something becomes old and is deemed useless, you should not just throw it away. For instance, when you buy a new pair of shoes, you tend to ignore your older pairs, until such time that you lose the new one and are forced to find the old one again. Similarly, just because your parents have become old, you should not neglect them.

Generally, what we see in society is that our parents take care of all our needs, then one fine day the child (son) gets married and once the wife is in the picture, he begins to ignore his parents, focusing on his ‘own’ family. The universal truth is that whatever the child does, parents will always love them and most people realize this only when they themselves age, have children and are in the same situation as their parents were years before. Instead of repenting then, our film tells audiences to respect their parents now. Gowdru Cycle is, therefore, a complete family entertainer, with a pertinent message,” says the filmmaker.


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