As transition stalls, Biden says, “More people may die

17 November 2020, Washington

President-elect Joe Biden of the United States (US) has warned “people may die” if his presidential administration continues to be impeded by President Donald Trump, BBC has reported.

Biden said co-ordination was required to tackle the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

The President-elect termed Trump’s refusal to acknowledge he lost the vote “embarrassing”.

Meanwhile, former first lady Michelle Obama wrote on social media: “This is not a game”.

President-elect Biden has 306 votes in the electoral-college, surpassing the 270 threshold needed to win, the report said.

Trump, a Republican, tweeted saying: “I won the Election!”

The General Services Administration (GSA), the government agency entrusted to begin the transition process for a new president, has yet to recognize Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris as winners.

Biden also called Trump’s “totally irresponsible”.

(With inputs from BBC)

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