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Black Mamba world most Deadliest and fastest snake

Feb 8

The Black Mamba is Africa’s largest venomous most feared snake, and world fastest snake reaching an average 2.5 m in length (8 feet) but can get as long as 4.5 m (14 feet).

It’s extremely aggressive, and will not hesitate to strike, very fast and agile, it can reach speeds of up to 12mph (20 km/h).

In spite of the name the “black” mamba skin color is not black, it’s rather brownish/olive or brown/grey, the name derives from its black mouth, displayed when it feels threatened.

Its venom is an extremely potent neuro and cardio-toxic mix, capable of killing a dozen men within the hour, without proper treatment and anti-venom, the mortality rate is almost 100%.

It has been coined super-fast, super-intelligent, and shrewd and magical abilities have even been attributed to it.

It can bite more than 5 times repeatedly when it feels danger.

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