Celebs Showing Off Their Tattoos While Almost Naked: Rita Ora, Miley Cyrus or Hasley

Feb 12, 2018

For some celebs, like Miley Cyrus, 25, or Halsey, 23, regularly sharing nearly naked pics is a part of their persona — and you know you always look! Why not!? These ladies are insanely sexy! The risque pics also give these famous females the opportunity to flaunt their gorgeous tattoos! Whether it’s an insightful phrase or a simply a stunning design, their ink reveals something about them to their fans and we can’t get enough of it!

Ever since Miley went from teen idol to sex symbol, she has been sharing brazen, eye-popping pics that drive her rabid fandom in a frenzy! And thanks to these photos, we’ve all gotten the chance to keep track of her ever-growing arsenal of ink! Some are just fun, like the dreamcatcher under her right arm. Others are super meaningful, like the piece she got of her dog Emu in 2017.

Fellow singers like Rihanna, 29, also love wowing us with their insane figures boasting loads of sexy ink! Rih’s Egyptian chest-piece is unmistakable nowadays! So is her intricate hand tattoo. They definitely add some edge to her already red-hot photos! Of course, we can’t forget Lady Gaga‘s sizzling pics! The 31-year-old hitmaker loves showcasing her beautiful ink, including David Bowie on her torso and a trumpet on her forearm, and her Little Monsters eat those images up! Never stop teasing us with your fresh ink, ladies of Hollywood!


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