Deepika Padukone, Taylor Swift share perfect twinning moment

Feb 8, 2018

In a recent cover of Vogue India’s February issue, Deepika Padukone wore a rainbow shirt and was looking glamorous. Her look took us all back to Taylor Swift’s album launch in November last year. The singer was wearing a kind of same dress while launching the album Reputation

Deepika Padukone and Taylor Swift were seen twinning with that rainbow-shirt look

Having a perfect twinning moment, Padmaavat actress Deepika Padukone and singer Taylor Swift were seen wearing the same dress for their glamorous look. In a recent cover of Vogue India’s February issue, Deepika wore a rainbow sequins shirt by the famous designer label Ashish and was looking perfectly gorgeous. With no jewellery on and those perfectly set hairs, Deepika was killing it with her looks. The actress was donning the look of Ashish’s autumn/winter 2017 collection. Well, the story doesn’t end here. Let’s get back to November 2017, when Taylor Swift wore the same attire for her album launch.

Taylor was seen wearing the same sparkle rainbow-striped shirt with a matching rainbow dress. She was looking hot, confident and her look was quite intimidating. She wouldn’t have looked more confident the way she was looking in that dress. She managed to carry the dress with style and attitude and yeah, there was no jewellery at all. Both of the celebrities managed to look their best in the dress. Both of them have given us ways to don that rainbow look in numerous ways.


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