GUYS: Formula To Know Girl’s A Virgin Or Not

Feb 16

It is a well-known fact that spotting if she’s a Virgin, is best determined through direct inspection as most times, it is difficult to distinguish virgins and non-virgins behaviourally. For this reason, we present to you some telltale signs that you can snap up to determine if that girl with you remains intact.

Medical Examination
This perhaps is the best way yet to know if your girl is still a virgin. This involves checking the Hymen. This method, however, comes with a caveat as many ladies will be offended at a suggestion of a medical examination most especially if the idea is brought up in a less private place.
More so, the presence or absence of the Hymen is not a concrete determinant of virginity. There are several activities that could cause a ladies hymen to break without prior sexual intercourse. Rigorous athletic activities or the use of sex toys could do damage to the hymen. Though we all know that any lady using sex toys is probably having sex. Also, some ladies may have their hymen intact despite having previously had sex. This factor can be attributed to the ladies making out with guys with small peenes. Despite the exceptions which are usually far between, the presence of an intact hymen is a fairly accurate method of determining her virginity.

Attitude and Behavior
Just like our personalities can be determined by our attitude and behavior, so can you get a clue of female virginity from these. There are attitudinal clues that may indicate virginity. Some of these may include the religious background of the lady, moral uprightness and ideologies. Though it appears that religion, morals and feminism are squarely against sex for different reasons. Some believe sex is wrong as they see it as a form of exploitation while others consider it a sin when done outside of marriage. It is, however, apparent that a display of any of these characteristics might be an indication of virginity.
Furthermore, some Psychologists have said that a lot of ladies do not stay as virgins for the reasons they put forward. Some have been said to remain virgins as a result of ugliness and decide to stay as virgins because they do not want to become cheap by sleeping with someone that is not of their social strata. Thus, for this reason, they justify their staying off sex by declaring sex as immoral.

Birth control pills
Well, you wouldn’t see a virgin take birth control pills now, or would you? Seeing packs of birth control pills in her cabinet or purse is an indication she is no longer a virgin. Why is she trying to stop a pregnancy I’d she’s not doing it?

Testing for STI’s
Most probably, if she is testing for sexually transmitted infections then she definitely has had sex. For her to be testing for HIV, Hepatitis or Syphilis means she has had it with a guy and worried if she will get an infection from a prior intercourse.

Obviously, a girl doesn’t need to be pretty before she has sex nor does she have to be fat and ugly as there are a million and one guys out there willing to sleep with anything that has a hole. If a lady is pretty, the chances of her being a virgin is slim except she is a feminist or a religious buff but she may still be having sex though. However, most girls that remain virgins are often times ugly but note that not all ugly girls are virgins. An example is prostitutes who appear ugly most times and have had a huge amount of sex. Thus, appearance can only be employed as a method of dismissing virginity claims and not confirming it.

Skin color
Her skin color could help you determine her virginity. Virgins tend to have soft and fairer skins than their non-virgin counterparts. Ladies that have made out tend to have darker and more coarse skins.

If you’re a virgin, then you might perhaps want to control the amount of makeup you put on. People most times see girls that use makeups as non-virgins and sluttier than ladies that don’t.

Finally, there is no hard and fast rule to determining virginity but if you’re so keen on it, follow the clues above and enjoy your life.

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