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Justin Bieber steps out amid claims Selena Gomez

Feb 15, 2018

Justin Bieber stepped out for a stroll with a pal amid claims Selena Gomez trying to convince her mother to accept their relationship.

The ‘Wolves’ singer and her boyfriend rekindled their romance in 2017, but Selena is having to insist to Mandy Teefey that the ‘Love Yourself’ hitmaker – who has previously been involved in a number of controversies – is a changed man.

A source said: ‘Selena is still trying to convince her mom that Justin has changed for the better. There is still animosity there and her mom hasn’t turned a full leaf and accepted the relationship.’

Justin Bieber stepped out for a stroll in the Hollywood Hills on Wednesday amid claims Selena Gomez is trying to convince her mother to accept their relationship

The brunette beauty has reportedly made some headway with her mother, but Mandy is still not entirely convinced that Justin is the ideal boyfriend for her daughter.

The insider explained to Hollywood Life: ‘It is certainly better but it seems it’s going to still take some time for her mom to change her thoughts on Justin.


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