Kangana Ranaut finds a partner in Naseeruddin Shah

Feb 22, 2018

Kangana Ranaut and Karan Johar’s big fight over nepotism is over, but the Queen actress is not done with Bollywood yet. This time the actress has found a partner in Naseeruddin Shah. Together the two actors were seen dissing Bollywood and how. Kangana and the Ishqiya actor appeared on Film Companion’s Tapecast recently. When the Katha actor was quizzed about things that he doesn’t approve of in Bollywood, Naseeruddin Shah, not the one to mince words went on a rampage. Kangana was only delighted to hear someone as fiercely opinionated, bold in his opinion that wouldn’t exactly please industry wallahs

The Mandi actor started with, “Do we have a few hours?” He then continued, “If you asked, what I like, the answer would have been briefer. I love the Hindi film industry! I think it caters to millions and millions and zillions of viewers every day and entertains them with the most mindless of content. It is deadening minds which is very necessary. It is lowering tastes, which again, is very necessary. We have plagiarists, who are termed as acclaimed writers, which is a very good thing. We don’t only have borrowed scripts from Hollywood, we have also when the poster design comes around, there’s a guy who turns up with an album of Hollywood film posters, and says, ‘We’ll do this from this one, and this from this one.”


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