Kate Upton Swept Off Rock In Terrifying Fall Into Ocean During ‘SI’ Shoot

Feb 15, 2018

Kate Upton, 25, had a scary brush with the ocean when intense waves forced her to fall into the water during a topless photo shoot with Sports Illustrated in Aruba and it certainly was a sight to see!

In a video posted to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s Instagram on Feb. 13, Kate can be seen posing in nothing but nude bikini bottoms attached to a yellow gold tiered skirt while standing on a rock with the waves crashing behind her before an assistant quickly comes up to move her out of the way. Kate took his hands but the waves crept up before she could get off the rock and down into the ocean she went. Luckily some other people working on the shoot helped her back up but it sure was a close call! “Whoops! Things got a little rocky

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